Spring Shopping

It might be our April newsletter than just went out, but I’ve got shopping on the mind. My taste both city and farm, I have to highlight one of our newest products in addition to the three April features, the ‘Keep Calm and Carry Chocolate’ sign. Not too long ago I was designing T-shirts with some friends with the same ‘Keep Calm’ slogan. Phrases and literary bits of joy are the little things that can completely change the course of a day from bad to good. I think this sign should be hung on every wall, of every room, in every home. Maybe not every room but it certainly has a place in mine.

In addition, carrying chocolate is also very relevant to me and everyone at The City Farm. In the words of Patty herself, “We love..I mean love chocolate at The City Farm”. She’s right, between making Avocado Chocolate pudding and taking sweet little cupcakes on photo shoots, I may slowly turn into a piece of chocolate.

Keep Calm and Carry Chocolate Sign

This sign is certainly an affordable piece at only $14 that is necessary for your home and any chocolate lovers you know. Click the ‘Buy Now’ button and consider it yours, gift wrap included! Enjoy the weekend, happy shopping!