Shanghai Culinary

 I love Chinese food, so on my recent trip to Shanghai I decided to forgo a day of sightseeing so I could take a class in Chinese cooking.  I met the proprietor of  The Kitchen at Cooking Studio, Miranda Yao at a local market.  You can see by the photos it’s nothing like Safeway or Whole Foods.  For a half hour we wandered the aisles crammed with tubs of live fish, crates of clucking chickens, and displays of colorful produce.  Some of the fruits and vegetables were familiar, others looked like they’d just arrived from Mars.  Oh, and did I mention the fragrance wafting through the air…a delicacy called ( I am not kidding) stinky tofu!
     After the market tour, we headed to the cooking school.  The instructor-chef spoke no English, so the proprietor translated everything he said.  I spent several hours preparing six different dishes.  It was a memorable experience.  I loved every minute of it