Rick & Ann's Restaurant

When I am visiting the San Francisco area, I always have breakfast at Rick and Ann’s in Berkeley at least once.  Why go all the way across the Bay Bridge for breakfast when there are so many great restaurants in San Francisco?  Because Rick and Ann’s is just soooooo good.  Their pancakes…buttermilk, cornmeal, whole grain, and orange-rice flour are out of this world.  The scrambled eggs with lox and green onions is always a winner.  But the real reason I get up early, buck the traffic, hope for a parking space and wait for a table is the Red Flannel Hash.

Red Flannel Hash is one of those things where the whole is more than the sum of its parts. It is composed of sweet potatoes, new potatoes, bacon, red onion, and fresh beets.  For those of you who have just said “yuck’ to the beets, let me tell you a story.  For my entire life I have hated beets.   When I was a child, not only would I not eat beets, if a beet touched anything else on my plate I would not eat that item either.   This hatred of beets continued into adulthood..until the day my husband and I went to Rick and Ann’s.  My husband ordered the Red Flannel Hash and it smelled so good, I actually asked for a bite…even thought I still HATED beets.  Well…in that moment I was converted.  I had never tasted anything so good.  I always order it when we go to Rick and Ann’s and I always ask for a side order of sour cream to go with it.  All I can say is…even for people who say they don’t like beets…just try it.  It’s fantastic!

Rick & Ann's Restaurant The restaurant is across from The Claremont Hotel.  Here is their info:

Rick and Ann’s Restaurant
2922 Domingo Ave
Berkeley, CA
510. 649.8538