City Farm Hand Cream

Product Spotlight: Hand Cream with Avocado Oil

Made with a special ingredient (avocado oil!), our Avocado Hand Cream is a lavish cream that will leave your skin supple and fully hydrated.

The smooth, fresh, and simply cleansing hand cream is carefully infused with avocado oil to bring a natural glow to your skin. The avocado oil will certainly be your favorite secret ingredient!

The cream has a light aromatic quality to match the lightweight feel the cream has on your skin. Developed from an exclusive formula, this hand cream is buttery in texture without leaving an oily residue – a perfect blend of ultra-refined natural ingredients and precise chemistry to create a hand cream unlike any other.

You can use the cream in many ways – on your hands, on rough elbow skin, calloused areas on your feet, or places on your skin that received too much sun exposure. We suggest keeping a small Avocado Hand Cream container in your purse, especially if you are constantly on the go.

An easy and pampering gift: Give the hand cream to a girlfriend for a dual spa day, or a close family member who often complains about having dry skin.

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