Our Story

My heart is in the country but by design I live in the city.  I wanted my children to have the balance between both worlds and I was lucky enough to give that to them. A location where life slows down and becomes simple once again, my moment of clarity came in developing The City Farm. What started as a place for a few horses soon grew into a 2,000 tree avocado orchard, home to 30 mini horses and the infusion of these two complementing cultures.

The City Farm is a place where time stops. The outside world falls silent, without the city saturation it allows you time to focus on what’s really important; those that you love around you. Filled with the aromas and scents of home.  The City Farm is a culture of its own. I wanted to share my world with you because of how it’s changed my quality of life, taking those simple values of slowing down. To notice the organic beauty of a sunrise, sunset and the sweet smell of a red Chrysler Imperial rose.

My farm is also my city, spread virtually through the creation of our City Farm products…originals packaged full of texture, weight, color and fun for you, your family, your home and your critters. It is our mission to provide beautiful, quality products at affordable prices, with 10% of the proceeds and the devotion of our time to charitable organizations. Write us if you have a charity in mind, we don’t have a lot but we give with our hearts.

Although you may not be with us at the ranch, I hope that we can give you a vicarious experience through our City Farm exclusives.