How to Make the Most of Your Entertaining Space

How to Make the Most of Your Entertaining Space

“Location, location, location,” may ring true for many a circumstance, but for entertaining, “presentation, presentation, presentation” can transform any location into a picnic in Provence.

ENJOY BlogAdmit it. You haunt Pinterest pages, planning that perfect soiree.  At The City Farm, we believe you only need a few staples to create the dreamy feeling that will have your friends lingering over their last glass of wine ‘til long after the sunlight fades away.

Presentation: Will you choose a floral centerpiece for your farm table, or several small bouquets, perhaps one at each place setting?  The City Farm Wire Bottle Tote basket with three small milk bottles looks lovely with sprays of a delicate flower like Sweet pea.  To create an easy-going farm atmosphere, add some wildflowers to The City Farm’s red watering can.  Martha has some inspiring tabletop centerpiece ideas here, including a creative crudité arrangement.  Take inspiration from her ideas, and run with your own!

The City Farm ENJOY BlogA vintage vase, cheese board, and rustic bowl will set the scene,  whether for high tea in the afternoon or a mid-morning brunch with a quiche.  Take a look at some of our favorite recipes for entertaining, including an Easy Smoked Trout PateSalmon Mousse, and Spinach Dip over on our COOK blog.

No room for a long farm table to host a large party? Invite a few friends over to enjoy a couple of delicious courses, made the more meaningful by your small space and the intimate conversation of coffee talk… or mimosas – either inspire story telling and the sharing and mixing of lives, which is the best part of outdoor parties.  Set the scene with good food and a few lovely touches, and then sit back and enjoy the space you’ve created for friendships to flourish.

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