Heroes – The TV show

When you have my job, you can find yourself in the most interesting places.  For the TV show Heroes we needed to place a cat on a rooftop for a quick shot.  As you can see by the above picture, getting to the rooftop in an alleyway was no easy feat.  Strapped into this contraption was a little nerve wrecking, but you have to put your faith in the professionals you work alongside and trust they know what they are doing.  It was a little wobbly at its fully extended height I have to say.  Luckily we had an awesome laid back cat called Baxter that we used for this shot.  Nothing fazes him and he pulled this off with no problem.  Definitely not your average day at the office!

The picture below is of Chrissie (in the green shirt) my fellow cat trainer.  I took this from my position, she was helping place the cat on the roof.  Notice she is strapped in for safety also.