Tips and Tricks to Decorate and Celebrate This Season

A chilly fall night marks the last day in October. The neighborhood streets glow with the soft, orange light of flickering jack-o-lanterns, grinning or glaring at passersby. Kids carry bags or buckets or trashcans if they’re extra-hopeful, dressed as bugs or batman or LED-lit skeletons (SO cute, watch here). Garbed in costumes made by DIY dads, moms, or aunts, kids struggle to walk in garbage bags and milk jugs magically transformed into Darth Vader’s imposing wardrobe. Masked, they stumble up your porch steps to beg for candy.

It’s Halloween!  How will you decorate and celebrate?  Do you have the tools of the trade for more intricate jack-o-lanterns? Meet the “Maniac Pumpkin Carvers,” Chris Soria and Marc Evan, here, and get a little how-to and inspiration from their gorgeous work.  Have you heard the history of the jack-o-lantern?  Check out our GROW blog to revisit the story, and learn about planting your own pumpkin patch for next year’s revelries.

How do you light your walkway?  Luminaries in bags or created in mason jars help those little feet find their way to your door.  Check out Martha Stewart’s guide on making them.  How do you add your own touch of creativity?

And most importantly, what are you wearing? Do you go traditional, or are you inspired by the latest headlines? (Oh, NO.  Will there be multiple Mileys twerking in your town?) Have you already made or bought a costume for you or your wee ones?  Pinterest, that wonderful world of inspiration, has many-a-board to get your creative pumpkin juices flowing if you’re still stuck.

Are you an expert Halloween DIY-er? Are you that house on the block that has the best candy? OR, are you that neighbor, who dresses up, sits stock-still on the rocking chair, and scares the kids with a quick “Boo!” when they dare to come close enough to decide if you’re real?

Share your favorite memory, photos, and tips and tricks of how to have the best pumpkin on the block!  Leave a comment or talk to us on Twitter @TheCityFarm.  Happy Halloween!


[Photos: Luminaries courtesy Martha Stewart, Luminaries courtesy Who-Arted]