How To Green Your New Year

How To Green Your New Year

How To Green Your New YearResolutions are SO 2014. So this year, instead of making new year’s resolutions, I set intentions.   It’s probably no different, but I’m hoping that by embracing a different term I might make these intentions realities, ways of life.

The dark winter days paired with the feeling of a fresh start and new intentions make this month a perfect time to create a garden nook inside, to add some green and growth to a corner of your life.  Take a look around — is there a space that is stocked with unused tchotchkes? A stack of sweaters you might take to your local shelter, or that collection of CDs you can transfer to the cloud, and create room to grow green things?  Look for a spot with natural light, or where you can connect and hide a cord to plug in some plant lights.

Search your cupboards for favorite jars or cups to create a collection of unique planters – and take a look at our City Farm collection to add a few new pieces for variety: a gum ball jar or wire bottle tote to display cut flowers? A votive cup to house a succulentA ceramic bowl?  Choose different shapes and heights to create an eclectic space that is uniquely you.

600_8141Creating a work station is part of the fun of making the most of small spaces – is there a spot to store your potting soil, a small trowel, a watering can?

With weak winter light, if you plan to start seedlings, and you’re feeling extra crafty, check out this how-to guide to transform an old bookshelf into an indoor grow light / plant stand!


Next week, kick off your indoor garden by growing your own celery! Until then, keep up with us on Facebook & Twitter. Happy New Year!