Fall into the Autumn Season

Fall into the Autumn Season

600_7617It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays. We see Christmas decorations before Halloween and by Thanksgiving we should have our shopping list ready to go for the Black Friday craze and before you know it Christmas Eve is upon us.

With the blending of the holiday season we can forget to stop and enjoy each holiday. I try and slow down to really savor each season and holiday on their own. After all, I’ve waited all year for the falling of the leaves, I better enjoy it!




My favorite escape to enjoy fall before winter is to make a warm cup of tea and honey or enjoy some sweets by the fire. I remind myself of summer when I couldn’t wait for boots and sweaters or a warm cable knit throw and am grateful that the autumn months have arrived; even if it’s still sunny here in California.

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City Farm Barn Inside

I take a stroll down to the stables to greet the horses and smell the crisp chill of the evening air around the groves. I let my mind wander to the Thanksgiving menu and smile at the thought of family together again around one table.

As I walk back home for the night; I am thankful for the time I’ve taken to live in the moment.

It’s these small moments that bring me into the holiday season and remind me to not let autumn rush by.