Enjoy: Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re married, in a relationship, or single; today is about spreading the love. In making my own gifts, I wanted to share my favorite handmade Valentine Idea with you, courtesy of Spoonful.com. You’re never too old for hand-crafted Valentine’s.


To create these beautiful flowers, gather colorful construction paper, scissors, a glue stick and your favorite lollipop. You can also use Cake Pops for an extra pop of color and sweetness.

1. Cut out a heart, flower, or any shape your desire from the construction paper. Glue the wrapper of the lollipop to the paper.

2. To make the leaves, simply fold paper in half and cut a leaf shape.

3. Unfold the leaf shape and glue it around the lollipop stem, press firmly to secure the shape.

4. Enjoy your handmade Valentine’s!


Thank you Spoonful for the DIY inspiration! To a day filled with red, chocolate, flowers and fun. Enjoy~