Enjoy: Change, Today

Inspired by Gandhi’s above quote and today’s trending tweet of #changestuff, I was curious–what’s the change about? After browsing I quickly realized no ‘one’ event signified the trend (unlike the Super Bowl of course, which generated an overwhelming amount of trending tweets), but it gave us a chance to voice our change, what we want to change and what motivates that~to each his own.

This time of year signifies change most, a Spring season of new beginnings, ventures, a renewal of the mind and all things life. One of the most beautiful changes to me, aside from the change is season but in connection with; the change in fashion. New York fashion week airs tomorrow, one week to forecast the next few months of ‘must have’ looks. I like to connect these looks with one of the most important aspects of change; what we define ourselves by. These looks connect to the change we want to see in the world, the look we choose as a direction connection to who we are.

change pic

The bright colors, the pastels, the soft fabrics all give us a different definition and connection. The feeling of a soft pastel dress with the sun on your face.. It’s those moments that make me enjoy change, in its most basic form. What’s your change? Write in and tell me about it.