Enjoy: Avocados

I have this silly tradition of starting and ending my week with one favorite treat; I like to enjoy my food! While watching what I eat is an equal concern, I came across this article today and it brought great comfort to one of my guilty  pleasures, homemade chips and guacamole.

Courtesy of the examiner.com and Debbie Nicholson, a study was released examining the health benefits of daily consumption of avocados. Researchers conducted a survey among 17,567 men and women aged 19+. Results showed that 347 adults that consumed about 1/2 of a medium sized avocado within 24 hours showed increased intake in nutrient levels. Specifically, “36% more dietary fiber, 23% more vitamin E, 13% more magnesium, 16% more potassium and 48% more vitamin K than non-consumers”.

While every study has limitations, this one certainly makes me want to increase my avocado intake! Follow this link for the full article: http://www.examiner.com/article/avocado-s-linked-to-lower-risk-of-metabolic-syndrome  and enjoy your avocados today! I know I will.