Enjoy: Avocado Honey

As City Farm’s avocado groves give us endless California Hass Avocados, avocado trees also give an equally sweet gift, and I’m not talking about guacamole!

We are proud to announce the debut of our newest City Farm exclusive, 16 ounces of California harvested Avocado Honey.

This  honey has a place in my heart and in my pantry. I use it in sickness and in health; perfect for teas with a sore throat, to spread on bread for a light breakfast and used as an alternative sugar in many chocolate filled desserts. Our last recipe with this honey was City Farm’s avocado pudding—so sweet it was almost dangerous! This honey can be mixed into yogurt, sauces, marinades and anything else your culinary minds can dream of.

Enjoy yours today, and comment me with recipe suggestions and honey creations of your own! Shop it here: https://www.thecityfarm.com/product/avocado-honey-2/


City Farm Avocado Honey  (8)