Dog Day Afternoon with Red From Titanic Movie

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This is Red.  Red is a beautiful Afghan hound, and we used him on the movie Titanic.

There were animals on Titanic I hear you say?  Why yes, there was!  We actually had the same breeds of dogs that were checked onto the ship along with their human owners, the four dogs we supplied for the production were the Afghan, a French bulldog, a wirehaired terrier and an Airedale.

Gentle Jungle supplied all the animals and they also provided a slew of horses for the opening scene where all the people were boarding the ship, being pulled up in horse drawn carriages.  There were also had a few stray dogs, milling around the dock.

It was a fun shoot – mainly because we were in Mexico, it was my first BIG movie to work on and being on a slightly scaled down version of the Titanic was incredible!  We would stay up until 4am in the morning to watch the night shoots (when we weren’t working) especially when they tilted the ship into the “sinking” position and the stunt people were jumping off – quite spectacular.

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This is me on set waiting to work with our dear little wire hair fox terrier, she was a sweetheart.

And below – I am in wardrobe with the two “stray dogs” that we let loose to run around the dock while all the passengers were boarding.  I was in wardrobe to keep a close eye on them.

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