DIY As Art: Exploring Ikebana

DIY As Art: Exploring IkebanaIkebana, the Japanese art of floral arrangement, plays with the idea of nature in constant change, and the art of exploring that rhythm and order.  Considered an art-form along the lines of painting or sculpture, it was more often practiced by men, and, in the past, “was considered an appropriate pastime for even the toughest samurai.”

As we anticipate spring showers bringing up all kinds of flowers, why not take an ikebana class?  Or host one!  Have your friends over, and invite a teacher to your home?

What you’ll need, according to Ikebana International:

Containers: most ikebana artists use glass containers, to reflect and play with the light in the arrangement. Bamboo baskets are most commonly used during the warm months.
Holders:  There are a variety of holders to fix your flowers in your container.  A few:

  • a Kenzan:  Used to fix the flowers in the container, a kenzan is a heavy lead plate with erected brass needles where the stipes are fixed,
  • a gotoku-dome (tripod):  Shaped like a tripod, used to hold an iron kettle or pot over a hibachi fire.
  • akutsuwa-dome (horsebit holder) is iron, and shaped like a horse’s bit, which can be twisted into 50 different shapes, each with its own name.

Click here to find a chapter in your region!  Will you start practicing the art of floral arrangement?  Share photos with us on Facebook or over on Twitter @TheCityFarm!

(Photo Credit: My Personal MFA)