City Farm Style: A Touch of Paris in Your Town

City Farm Style: A Touch of Paris in Your Town

Ahhh… Paris. I have so many lovely memories and favorite places to eat. Two restaurants I always try to visit are Chez Janou and Chez L’Amis Jean. I love that there are parks all over the city, but my favorite for taking a stroll are the Tuileries gardens in front of the Louvre.  And whenever I visit with my family, I always take my children to Angelina’s in the park for hot chocolate. Another favorite is Luxembourg garden on the left bank. It’s beautiful any time of year. I love to visit the city of light, and I love to bring it home with me. And to offer Parisian style to you through The City Farm store!

Afar Magazine’s September ’13 issue transports us to Paris, exploring what makes the Parisienne so iconic, and highlights what Parisian artists are creating today that continue the region’s reign of style-makers.

“Those gamines ingénues in ballet flats and perfectly fitted little T-shirt dresses really are riding bicycles all over town,” writes Alexandra Marshall, who moved to the city in 2006. “In working-class Belleville, tony Saint-Germain, or the groovy Marais there really are young moms in ponytails, skinny jeans, and Bréton stripe T-shirts, and sleek fifty somethings in angular bobs, with neat handbags and silk scarves, their creases pressed just so. Parisian style is mythical: The chic “Parisienne” is natural and feminine, her heels never too high, nor her skirt too tight, nor her makeup too pronounced except for that little pop of lipstick. But it’s also real.”

French country style collage

At The City Farm, we love to bring a touch of Paris to your home, whether you reside in London, Los Angeles, or the City of Light itself, through the mixing and melding of different design ideas. Let’s look to Paris and beyond, as I’m always looking at how to incorporate the countryside with the city.

How do you incorporate the style of Paris with a touch of the rustic countryside?  Where are your favorite places to go in Paris?  Leave a note in the comments, or tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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