Changeling…And a little Dirty Dancing

Quite a few jobs I end up on require a book to read or an iPhone loaded with a few movies.  Not that I’m complaining or anything, its just best to be prepared for these things.  On Clint Eastwood’s movie Changeling I sat in a chicken coop for about three nights out in the Mojave desert in October – in fact one of the more chilling scenes in the movie involving the kidnapper and a small child occurred the night of Halloween (creepy).  I’ve often wondered how small children work on set when such horror is involved – I’m still not sure of the process (I was stuck in the back of a chicken coop you see) but the kids did a fantastic job.

I would periodically check on my chickens, see if they had enough water, it was night time, so they were sleeping for the most part – and then I would return to watch Dirty Dancing on my iPhone, sitting in a chicken coop.

Did I mention I was stuck in a chick coop?

Great set dressing by the way.  I love working on period pieces.  One of my first films I worked on was Titanic which was HUGE.  Not just the size of the ship that James Cameron had laboriously recreated bolt for bolt, but the crew list, the departments, the extras.  There was a lot of – everything, in very grand scale.