California Cows love…cheese. Just kidding.

For many years Studio Animal Services supplied the cows for the numerous and humorous California Cheese commercials.  They were always fun jobs.  We nearly always shot up in central California around the area of Petaluma.  There’s a slightly better chance of green-er grass up there compared to down here where it tends to be dry and crispy!

We would truck up there in convoy, horse trailers full of cows and horses and sometimes we had adorable calfs for a few of the spots.

A lot of the times the cows just had to stand there.  sometimes they had to run and sometimes…they stood on my foot!  Not advisable by the way.  It bloody hurts!

How to make a cow run.  Have a bucket of grain.  Look silly while running.  Don’t fall over.  Don’t be the slowest runner, always be in front of the guy with the grain. Ha!