Caffeinate with City Farm Cappuccino Cups

Mornings are my absolute favorite time of day. Full of renewal and fresh starts, it only seems right I begin mine with some caffeine–espresso in these little darlings sounds right!  I found these tumblers when visiting the Maison D’ Objet show in January. I remember walking by the booth and did a double take–were these cups meant to be dented? And in fact they were! Designed to look like a hand gripped this cup a little too tightly these cappuccino tumblers are incredibly fun and unique.

Cappuccino Cup Orange, Red, and White

We’re sending them to you in sets of two. Colors come in red, orange, yellow, navy or white. These are just the right size for a quick swig before you head out the door to your next destination, or for sitting and enjoying with breakfast. Cup measures 3.25 inches in diameter and 3.25 inches high. Holds 6.25 oz. Water and Utensil Tumblers pictured in collection sold separately.  Enjoy!