Budweiser Super Bowl commercials

Most years just before Christmas, Budweiser embarks on a a mini movie of sorts – a commercial they shoot that will air during the Super Bowl a couple of months later.  I have worked on a couple of these and the pictures I took on this commercial show how beautiful and magnificent the horses are and how stinking cute the dogs are.  I do not have anything to do with the horses, the training of these amazing Clydesdale’s is left in the capable hands of Robin and Kate Wiltshire http://www.turtleranch.net/Turtle_Ranch/Home.html and many extra hands from Budweiser.

If you have ten minutes and LOVE horses – watch this video put together by Turtle Ranch on training the Clydesdale’s for the Budweiser Super Bowl commercials http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=si7p23Nex-g&feature=share&list=UUMCE4MR_S9rEVL89WUVq9bQ.

It will make you feel ashamed that your dog can’t sit/stay – lol.

I have been a part of the training of the dogs in a few spots though.  In the above commercial – also seen in this link: http://youtu.be/i6hnqnPVJcE you will see Tommy, owned by Robin and Kate, he had a featured role for this spot and it is one of my favorites. To check out the Clydesdale’s on the Budweiser site – click here: http://www.budweiser.com/en/us/content/clydesdales/article/the-budweiser-clydesdales