Avocado Honey: Our City Farm Exclusive

Some of the best meals in the country are still found in off-the-beaten-path roadside diners.  Tastes and textures that can never be duplicated have often been discovered at the end of a road-weary day.  A home-made tamale here, a juicy burger there, the creamiest Mac-and-Cheese ever, or a gooey, buttery, caramel at that tiny candy store, whose name and place you will never remember.  These are food treats that will stay with you a lifetime, never to be matched . . . until now.

The City Farm Avocado Honey is that memory in the making.  Only now, you won’t have to search a lifetime to duplicate the experience.  If the smooth elegance of copper-colored velvet could be made into a food, it would certainly be our Avocado Honey. It’s almost ready to share, we’re creating its perfect packaging.

Try a bottle.  Then share some bottles. It will be ready for you soon!

You won’t regret it, and your friends will love it.