Avocado Advantage

Avocado Advantage

How to Cut Your Avocado Properly to Get the Greatest Nutritional Value

DSC_2777Here at The City Farm, an avocado is a superfood we come in daily contact with. Our range of CF exclusive products incorporate avocado properties, such as avocado oil in our Hand Cream or avocado infused Honey. However, consuming an avocado provides the maximum sensation in terms of touch, sight, smell and taste.

We are all about efficiency here at CF, so we have been searching for the ideal way to consume avocados. We would like to share some great tips about cutting your avocado properly to receive the greatest nutritional value, from the Food & Wine website:

Here are the five steps to cut an avocado:

1. Cut vertically all the way around the pit of the avocado.

2. Twist both sides separately.

3. Remove the pit from one side by hacking the pit with a knife, twisting slightly to the left while lifting the pit out of its pocket.

4. Cut your two avocado halves into four quarters.

5. Instead of digging in with a spoon, peel the skin from the flesh. The skin will come off smoothly, keeping the healthy dark green flesh in tact.

Be healthy and efficient with our abundant avocado advice! Enjoy!