All Hail Avocados!

photo 4As one of City Farm’s defining features, our 2,000 tree avocado orchards supply us with thousands of pounds of California Hass avocados each year. Avocados can be store bought year-round, however their season and City Farms best avocados are ripest from May through late summer. Our dinner recipes have been filled with avocado infused courses. Creamy avocado soup, gazpacho, and classic guacamole are just the beginning! I will openly admit that I enjoy them plain—simple foods are my favorite.

Mother’s Day marked the beginning of our picking season. Over this past five days we’ve picked about 40,000 pounds (yes, pounds!) of avocados from our groves. That number may seem hard to believe; but when one tree can give up to 1,000 pounds–we’ve got so much more green goodness ahead. Hoping to pick another 90,000 pounds this season our crop grows bigger and more bountiful each year. I take kind care of my groves, this year they really took care of me; too. I’ll send more updates to you as we keep picking, and please share your avocado recommendations with me! Take care and Enjoy ~